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Returned last night from Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Great show, 418 Mustangs!

We took four ponies, three won trophies - one of which was the Bullitt, of course!
Better than the trophie however is that it was photographed for two Mustang Magazines.
Bob McClurg of Mustang Illustrated and Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords drove a Bullitt #17 all the way from LA! He did a photo shoot of five of the Bullitts. Was planning to do story "Loaded Revolver - Six Bullitts" but one of the drivers had to leave before the shoot was scheduled. (Hey, just realized a pun - "he was shooting Bullitts!" hahahaha).
There were five Bullitts in the show, Bob's was not shown, and a black one with Utah license plate was seen around town, but not in the show.
My Bullitt caught the eye Jeff Ford of Mustang Monthly. He photographed it for October edition. He said all Bullitts being equal it was my BULLITT license plate that won us the honor.
Ours was also the only Bullitt in the 94-01 hardtop class that won an award. I think my club members stuffed the ballot box.
"Frank" Bullitt and I had the opportunity to bond on the trip as I got to drive him the 350 miles there and back. Now I'm calling it "my Bullitt" which greatly annoys my hubby.
Here's a photo from someone's site.

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very cool joyce!!
it's hard to feel much better than to get that kind of attention at an auto show!!
thanks for sharing

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That is just too cool for words!
I look forward to seeing the pics and reading the articles when they come out. I will add them to my growing supply of Bullitt items.
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