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Mustang Mania At The Downs

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:D :rightie: JUNE 9 MUSTANG MANIA at The DOWNS :leftie: :D

Kentucky Downs-Franklin, Kentucky-Exit 2 right off I-65

3rd Annual Mustang Show-Registration 8-12 noon!

Official car show hotel is Holiday Inn Express 270-586-7626

Other hotels and eateries close by!

For more info 270-586-7609- Franklin Simpson Chamber of Commerce

:cool: IMBOC had 7 Bullittheads there in 2011:cool:
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:D Anyone for MUSTANG MANIA AT THE DOWNS this Sat, June 9??!!
:D. Thanks Ron! Awesome pictures! And a great time was had by all!! Bullittheads had a front row seat also!!

The guy presenting Terry with the award was Steve Thurmond, the show organizer. Great guy! Steve and Terry had a banter going on all day long!

Awesome place for a car show!

And yes the canopy was MOST EXCELLENT!!!
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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