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Mustang Mania At The Downs

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:D :rightie: JUNE 9 MUSTANG MANIA at The DOWNS :leftie: :D

Kentucky Downs-Franklin, Kentucky-Exit 2 right off I-65

3rd Annual Mustang Show-Registration 8-12 noon!

Official car show hotel is Holiday Inn Express 270-586-7626

Other hotels and eateries close by!

For more info 270-586-7609- Franklin Simpson Chamber of Commerce

:cool: IMBOC had 7 Bullittheads there in 2011:cool:
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Farmer Don,

A bunch of us will be there for sure as we have been for the past 2-Years.

It is an Awesome place for a Car Show with plenty of Trees for Shade.

See you tomorrow .............

Hi Ron,

After the Plus 5,000 miles you had driven it was great that you stopped by on your way back Home to attend the Car Show with us.

Oh and not ever to over-look the Canopy you put up.

Excellent pictures and a fun video to watch. :)

I think we will all be hanging out next Month at, Mustang Week !!!

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haberrj said:
Ron excellent pictures thank you for posting them. Ana and I had a great time hanging out with the Bullittheads all weekend and thank you Bobby and Becci for opening up your home to us again this year. Oh by the way looks like the damage to #320 will be around $600.00 not really to bad can't wait for Myrtle Beach. Terry that only thing I can say is that car of your is simply awesome.
Hi Nemur,

Hey Buddy we all were glad to once again get to hang out with You & Ana.

That is a drive from Ontario, Canada to us in White House, TN.

Also we were wondering what Damage was done to your Bullitt on the Bridge that was torn apart doing construction.

$600.00 Dollars is not cheap but glad that was all it was from your description of what took place.

If that was the "tigermachine" they would have had to bring a Roll-Back and Loaded it to remove my Bullitt from that Bridge.

As you said Bobby & Becci are the {Ultimate Host} for sure at their house.
Plenty of Munchies, beer, soft drinks and even bottled water.
Plus Becci through down for a sit down Feast for all of us that were there. :)

Also Ron & Dagmar dropped by from California on their way back to PA.
So the whole gang was there was again this year.

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haberrj said:
Terry, well we have been working on the car for 2 weeks, we balanced both front tires, checked the rims they are ok, and the front end seemed fine just way out of alignment. WE installed the camber bolts and did an alignment and all seems fine. I still have a slight vibration around 70-75 and I really feel it in my seat at that speed. We suspect some issues with the rear suspension, but I will wait until after Myrtle Beach to tackle it due to it will be all trial and error. My guy told me to leave it for now the car is driveable and we will take the rear end apart when I get back, hopefully nothing seriuos cruising at 70 no issues.

Man we all hate that you went over that bridge and messed up your suspension. :frown:

Seriously that just sucks !!!

haberrj said:
Terry thanks for the concerns much appreciated, yes it realy pi$$ed me off when that happened. I just put the new wheels and tires on and had everything working good, but hey things happen. Ana and I were able to continue or trip to spend a great weekend with the gang and the car is driveable so all is good for now. We will be seeing you Cathey Bobby Becci Ron and Dagmar soon for a fun filled week,
cheers oh ya I got the beer lol.

Man it is this coming weekend that we leave for, (Mustang Week) on Saturday morning.
(Saturday July 14th, 2012)

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