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Mustang owners don't wave!

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I briefly had a '66 VW Bug in high school. Every single other bug I passed would wave, beep, or flash as it went by. It was fun, and one of the things I missed about the bug when I got rid of it.

I had a Jeep Wrangler from '92 to '95. Nearly every other Wrangler and CJ owner I passed waved. I bet at least 90% did.

So when I got my Bullitt, I figured that surely a car with as much following as the Mustang would have a "waving" culture. However, this has not been true. Not one Mustang I've waved at has acknowledged my wave in any way. The one exception has been a kid in a very pretty (but only semi-stock) red 60's Mustang who seemed to think it was as cool as I did as we cruised down the highway together for awhile.

I'm a little surprised by this. Anyone live in an area where Mustang owners wave?

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nope the vast majority seem to be too insecure to wave(that compitition thang) and the others are as surprised as you and have given up(I'm in this catagory as well).
I noticed that too. I expected waves when I passed other Mustangs. Admittedly though, I never offered a wave first so I am just as guilty. When I was younger my parents had a Corvette. When I took it out the first few times I noticed that everytime I passed another Corvette the other driver waved. It took me a few times to realize they were actually waving at me because I was in a Corvette. Its kinda sad that Mustangs dont wave at each other considering its American icon status. I did run into another Bullitt in Terre Haute a few weeks back. We caught up to each other and rolled down the windows and started talking to each other about how much we liked them. Maybe us Bullitt owners will just have to have a secret society of wavers. :-B
I have always signaled other bike riders. Guess it's more a solidarity thing than any other reason.

If a fellow Mustang owner wants towave or acknowledge, fine, I'll respond in kind.

Pulle up next to 2 young kids in an older 4.6 GT in my Bullitt and they were happy to talk about the car at the light. I have yet to meet an unfriendly person while driving #66. Too bad all cars don't cause that kind of friendliness.

Society as a whole has become much un-friendlier (if this is a word). I remember when growing up that everyone used to wave as one was approaching the other out in the country in the north Texas area. Now this has almost completely subsided. Down here in central Texas I have notoced most, not all, Mustang hi-po ownes rev their engines as you get near. Guess this has replaced the waving. Just my $0.02 worth.
There are too many mustangs on the road to wave to them all. But if I see another Bullitt, then that's different
I have gotten thumbs up's, stares/drooling and comments from people in other Stangs, Mercedes, BMW's and even a Ferrari. No waves though.
Don't forget most mustangs are v-6 everyday cars, not unlike the ones for RENT at airports. If I drove one of those boring cars I would see no need to wave. However if I see a mustang that someone has obvoisly put time/money into, Bullitt or not, I think a wave is in order.
Yuo must be carefull though, in Dallas you can be shot for waving at the wrong person? :eek:
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this point:
Bugs, Wranglers, Harleys, and Superbikes are VERY specific items representing a VERY specific niche.
Mustangs come in all flavors and in very high production numbers. Most people buying are getting the six cylinder with minimal options to walk out with the cheapest Mustang available...and that's just fine, but these people are (for the most part) not enthusiasts and they don't have a lot in common with Bullitt owners, nor would they know a Bullitt if/when they see one.
I didn't mean for this to sound snooty...and I hope it doesn't. But there's a WIDE range of Mustangs and Mustang owners out there, and after all, the Bullitt is rather stealthy. When I saw my first couple of Bullitts on the road they were past before I KNEW what they time to wave :smile:
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I always give props to other drivers of cool cars. Bullitt drivers should always wave. Save the wave!
I just thought it had somethingto do with me being female driving my Mustangs. I can drive my mother-in-laws chevy van with the door caved in. And guys run off the road waving at me. But I have had 20plus mustangs and hardley anyone waves. Sometimes little girls would wave when I had my Yellow converti. My husband said it was because I looked like Barbie in it. So Guys please wave.
I agree with the point about most Mustangs being just transportation. I have noticed occasional waves from GT people, and 6cyl chics ( I think 6cyl guys are oblivious or don't feel worthy). The two other Bullitt owners have almost caused accidents to get my attention, one guy in a City of Westminster pickup with a tool bed, and the other guy in his daily driver Tarus. all 3 of the Cobra guys have their noses in the air like I was not worthy. I wave at any cool car though. I have never come across Mopar people that didn't wave.
I live in Los Angeles, the wrong kind of wave could be mistaken for a gang sign and I'll get my Bullitthead blown off. Just kidding. I used to ride bikes and it was fine and dandy to wave to everyone, but with a car it's a different thing. There's just so many mustangs around. If there's a cute girl in a Mustang I might glance at her (longer than my wife would like me to) and pretend that there's some kind of connection, but that's about it. I might also give the thumbs up to other guys driving new mustangs (w/ the wheels, hood scoop) just cause I know they're staring at my Bullitt.
I think that mustangs (whether it be and ego or insecurity thing) for the most part rev their engines at each other. Where I have lived..that seemed to be the norm..I have been waved at plenty..but normally they rev their engines when they are going by. Either is just a sign of acknowledgement. I guess the same thing could be said for when I ride my sport bike..only sport bikes wave...I have only been waved at by 3 or 4 Harleys..and that is bad considering I go to Sturgis every year on my bike. It is just a "props" thing..some people don't see anything special about some items..I love my mustang and my ninja..and lots of others do too obviously, but it doesn't make me feel bad when someone does not acknowledge my presupposed "coolness" for driving a mustang or a ninja. More often than not..I just see eyes following me around..that is silent appreciation and I secretely gloat behind my tinted windows, or my shield :smile:

1996 GT (very modified)
1998 ZX-9R (heavily modified)
1993 Geo Storm (hey, its my first car :smile:
2001 Bullitt "Black # 1853" K&N, 30% Black Tint so far, after the warrenty runs out, here comes a supercharger)

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When I had my bike (94 Interstate) I'd get waves from other tour bikes AND Harley guys. The crotch rockets weren't too friendly though I noticed. Haven't noticed too much waving from other stang owners here.
One other side note..about Bugs and could be that those drivers didn't have too many friends were just thankful to see someone else who had that bad of taste :smile: They were just looking for someone, anyone would be be nice to them.. :smile:

1996 GT (very modified)
1998 ZX-9R (heavily modified)
1993 Geo Storm (hey, its my first car :smile:
2001 Bullitt "Black # 1853" K&N, 30% Black Tint so far, after the warrenty runs out, here comes a supercharger)

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when I had my Jetta it was almost an everyday thing that if i passed some on in a VW he or she would wave Or I would and the Salute would be returned. With the Bullitt on the other hand only a few times have i been signaled by passing stangs. But hey its ok i still throw the old hand out the window to say hi.

Don't know if you can get sample plates here or not. Most car shows have fake plate makers..maybe one of them? Thanks for the compliment.. :smile:

I waved at a guy in a Cobra that was sitting next to me at a light. He smiled, flashed a gang hand sign and took off hard. Not quite what I was expecting.
People in Jersey always give you the wave,THE MIDDLE FINGER ONE, that is. BlackBullitt#1768
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