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Below is from an email I received. Not Bullitt specific, but FYI...

All..regarding the following Today I listened to the "Camaro Show" that they did. It allows for a lot of people to call in and talk to each other, some Camaro club national members were there talking too. You learn lots of new and ancient history on the show. People can call in from all around the world with events upcoming, to tell stories, and you do this listening from your computer. It starts at 11 easter/10 central/9 mountain and 8 Pacific.(Feb 2nd) This would not only be fun to listen too, think about calling in toll free with your coments! Lets ensure we keep the phone lines backed up while having some fun! They had thier time to brag on Camaro's as they should, but lets ensure we show them who the king of Pony cars..and sole survivor is!
Click on the following links to get set up for it, and remember to sign on Feb 2nd. You can also listen to the archive of the Camaro show, so we can do better! (-;


Dear Mustang Lovers!

We are pleased to announce The Mustang Show on the internet based radio station The Mustang Show is hosted by Dave Stall, San Diego's premier Auto Broadcaster with 30 years of Automotive Experience.

It will be airing on February 2nd, (Saturday) at 8:00 am PST

This show is for you!
Through the unique media of internet radio we are able to communicate to all Mustang Enthusiasts Worldwide.
Get more info about

The Show is Archived
If you can't make the show time don't sweat it because all shows are archived for easy listening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! To become a sponsor email Charlses at [email protected]
Learn more about internet radio

We want to hear from all of you. We will provide additional information in the next week or so. This show is for you! Forward this email to your Mustang friends!


Chris Murch
email: [email protected]
voice: 760-602-3000 ext 5439
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