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There was a Mustang show at the Horse Park today.

There was good combination of new and old ones. :smile:

I met Bullitt3230 (Kurt) there This was the first blue Bullitt I've seen in person. I'm a DHG fan, but the blue looks cool, too!

There was an older couple there with a black one, it was a beaut as well.

Mine was in the parking lot. :smile: Not an entry. Kurt did come out and see my DHG #3401.

I've had mine for less than a week, and lets just say I have no regrets getting a rocks!!

Scott D.


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WOO HOO! The First Annual Tara Mustang Club show...the first time I entered 3230 to be judged...picked up a first in the Daily Driver cat. Several other fellow Bullitt's also in attendance, also took home some trophies. Day started pouring rain, but ended Blue and Sunny...hey, what a coincidence! hee hee
Thnx for the pix Scott!!
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