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Mustang Terminator gets green light for production.

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Hi guys, if you go over to you can read the article on the mustang terminator getting parts numbers and will be introduced possibly at the sema show in L.A.. This sound like a wicked car to have. G.M. is going to get their ass handed to them when this car hits the street. About time Ford made something to beat the other guys. The only problem I have is the 36,000 to 41,000 dollar asking price. ouch!!! However, bullitt + vortech= low twevlzzzz.
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$36,000 to $41,000 a little steep for a Mustang, but a Stang that fast would be sweet.
I would not beleive anything they say on BlueOvalNews. Over the years they have had so much info that is incorrect its not even funny. They are about to be sued by Ford right now for some reason or another. I remember last they said the 2002 mustang would have a restyle front ent and 285 hp. The only thing 2002 Gt has is a new RADIO. Read a little more into that sight and you will see they are basicially the Tabloid of Ford news.
uh, I don't believe chevy has anything to be ashamed of with the Vette.

Is there really a better sports car value than the Z06?? 405hp/400tq, world class suspension/brakes, curb weight 3100 lbs, for under $50K.

Ford has a long ways to go.....
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On 2001-10-24 13:31, JB VOBRA wrote:
uh, I don't believe chevy has anything to be ashamed of with the Vette.

Is there really a better sports car value than the Z06?? 405hp/400tq, world class suspension/brakes, curb weight 3100 lbs, for under $50K.

Ford has a long ways to go.....


I agree, plus the vette still looks better. Terminator and all, it is still a mustang. Actually, my bullitt is just serving time untill i get a vette!!!
Vettes look better? Bullitt serving time until you get a Vette? You're on the wrong site. To each his own, but the only people I see driving Vettes around here are rogaine & viagra using 50+ white males with a serious case of mid-life crisis-itis. I'd rather have two Bullitts than a Vette any day. And as far as looks go, the Vette owners around here can't take their eyes off my black beauty!
i don't know,...i've seen some pretty nice looking women in vettes these last few years!!! (not a "man" comment BUT there's nothing like a gorgeous blond in a white or black Vette!!)
if i had the extra cash, i'd LOVE to have a Z06, it's one on the best sports cars on the road. and an incredible value compared to the "import" sports cars!! and i'd have one just as happily as my Bullitt!!
a.) i don't have the bucks
b.) if i did have the bucks,...i'd drive them both. i'd NEVER get rid of the Bullitt.

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Just because some parts have received actual numbers doesn't mean the car as a whole will see production. & I agree with the others that the Z06 is an awesome machine.
Yes the '02 Z-06 is one bad machine,and the Terminator,if built as advertised,will be a killer also,but at 40-50 grand,for either one,it's out in dreamland for me. Where do all these people work who afford these things,with mortgages,and all the trappings of life?? Also,while at the Bristol Bash,one of the guys next to my hotel room,had a 2002 Z-06,405hp Vette. Had thirty day tags on it,and a small utility trailer hooked to it,with his sticky autocross tires!
How about a hot blonde in a bright yellow vette? Saw one yesterday, and her plate was pretty cool, it said "VETISH". LOL :smile:

i love it VETISH
The Terminator would be a great car, But for that kind of money I could make my baby into one hell of a fast car and look way better!!! Oh well it would still be sweet!
Not sure it is fair to compare the Vette and Mustang. They are entirely different cars that attract entirely different people. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a Vette too but I think the Bullitt is a much better deal. With the Camaro and Firebird passing on next year, GM has little to offer outside of the Vette in a true sports car and in a price range of the average person.
The Corvette is an excellent car but I'd still take the Bullitt. I beleive the Bullitt is much better looking than the Corvette. I'm not as 0-60 fanatacal as some of the other Bullitt owners. It looks great, sounds great, handles great, and is fast enough for me.
From what I understand of the 2002 GTs, they have a re-geared 5th gear or overdrive gear. They probably lowered it to like a .5 something. Obviously, .67 for an overdrive gear isn't too good for gas... I still get 25 mpg. How about you guys? I've heard rumors as to an HP increase, but count on it being negligable. The Cobras, too, are supposed to be getting an increase in HP. That I wouldn't doubt, though SVT is still in a swirl of controversy at Ford. No one really knows if SVE is gonna take reign again. I believe the last year of the Fords last remaining pushrod motor(at least I thinkg), the 3.8, will be 2002, before the restyling year of 2003. Then, supposedly, with the duretech motors, they'll have between 210-215 hp while the GTs are bumped to 285 while the 4.9 option has 290hp. The Cobra will be dropping the 4.6 DOHC in favor of the 5.0 DOHC... (Same frikin motor. Just using a different method of boring and calculating.) This same motor was previewed in MM&FF during the FR500 runs. (They rule!!!)

I'd take a Z06 too, don't get me wrong. A lot of the beautiful women seem to be drawn to the sleekness of Chevy while seem to be thrilled that a shaggy Mustang can beat a Z28. :smile: Whatever the case may be, the Mustang, too, is in a class of its own!
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VETISH, as a plate and a hot blonde?!!...WHEW!!!
I like cars of all types. I can tell you what can out run my Bullitt and what I have a chance against without pressing the gas pedal. This saves alot of gas. I have messed with another GT and a Rousch. We sized each other up and were on our way with a thumbs up and a smile. I haven't wasted any gas for any ricers yet and don't care to. I just wave them on.
Camaros and Corvettes are great cars. Mustangs don't compare with Vetts and they shouldn't. Both are great cars and who can really argue about the Corvettes value?
Hopefully we will all see the Camaro come back some day and lets hope GM doesn't fumble it like they did the Impala.
Long live competition and may it be friendly!

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My $.02s. I just plain love sports cars. If I was super rich..I would love to have one of everything. My dentist, has a Vett of every year since 57, all kept in a huge warehouse..he drives one a week and then changes. Life would be awsome if all car lovers could have one of everything they wanted. Too bad that thing called money gets in the way.
The Z06 is an awesome car, but I just could'nt buy one due to being a bow-tie. I will stick with the Fords and Dodges. Have had more than my share of POS GM products over the years and just don't believe in them anymore.

Now a terminator for around 35k would be awesome. did you get a photo of a car that is not produced yet. Is that a prototype test car that you just happened to see..? Or do you have some insider information that we should know about?:)
I saw a similar photo of the same car going around a track in the November '01 issue of Popular Mechanics in the "Detroit Spy Report" section.
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