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I was at Carlsbad Raceway today (In the Focus rental: no I didn't run it :wink: ).

Most popular car: LS1 Camaro SS and Firebird (WS6? Snorkle intake...), stock to heavily modded.

Number of times a ~2000+ Mustang GT or Cobra won against one: 0. However, Mustangs did get the hole shot a few times.

What the LS1's were running: low 13's (pretty quiet exhausts), louder cars with slicks were into 11 and 12.

Mustangs were running high 13's, low 14's.

There was a white (SN95?) Mustang with slicks who did beat one of the slower Camaro LS1's, but they didn't state his time.

Coolest car: an ugly, light lime-green VW BUG (turbo?) who pulled his front wheels off the ground, lost it slightly, corrected, got back on it and turned a 10.83 (he won both times we saw him run against what looked like white 60's era muscle car with a big block sound). An amazing spectacle. The crowd went wild. Very cool. If he could keep the front wheels on the ground, he could probably turns 9's! (looks like he lost around a second regaining control).

Regarding stock WRX's: Uhhmmm. Someone mentioned somewhere that perhaps the magazines were getting ringers. Maybe true: there was a very unattractive mustard-yellow WRX who was turning low 15's, and a nicer silver one running about the same (I do not recall hearing either of them even getting into 14). They both appeared to have trouble launching and shifting, though. Lots of squat and dive between shifts too.

Saw a black Supra Turbo run: there are rumors about a Supra Turbo in San Diego running 1100HP. I thought we might be seeing the car. Nope. He started pretty slow, got pulled through mid track, then barely won (I don't recall who he was racing).

The turbo+nitrous Civics and Integras were pretty funny to watch. Lots of noise, some had slicks, they beat each other, but never the big V8's. I believe there was a white Civic running 11's or 12's (loud Turbo, perhaps nitrous, slicks, fully gutted).

Interesting driving technique by some drivers: A.) those who heated up their street radials, B.) those who could not get traction, kept it floored, shifted to second, kept it floored, shifted to third keeping it floored until they got traction. Not very good times...

Then there was the falling-apart-as-it-went-down-the-track Saturn running Nitrous. He never won. Looked like the rear bumper was about to fall off (majorly stripped car).

The cool sleeper race was a black C4 Corvette against a very built, beautifully painted (+ high snorkle hood), huge slicks blue Corvette Stingray (early 70's?), which was very very loud (and sounded great: big block?). The C4 (auto) took him with a 12.14 (I'm guessing test-n-tune for the blue Vette...). We overheard the owner telling some other people that it was just a 383 stroker with a cam. He said it normally runs 11.50's with slicks, and this was the slowest he'd ever run. He said he didn't have time to grab the slicks, as his wife was about to "put me to work around the house", and he had to hustle to get out of the house. Pretty impressive times for a faded black paint, dirty-engined C4 with ugly wheels and tires (major sleeper!).

Fastest time of the day that we saw was ~9.80 (big block muscle car: very loud, major slicks, parachute). Didn't see any blowers (lots of Nitrous, though!), except on a red SVT Lightning (blower is stock), who never lost (I believe he beat an LS1). Probably not stock, perhaps running nitrous. They did not state his times (a lot of times were not stated: apparently a stealth option for test-n-tune people).
There was a funny looking pickup (older, sat up high with big tires front and rear) who also ran very fast (he never lost; don't remember his times, but seemed like 11's or 12's).

Only one grenaded motor: older muscle car on nitrous, smoking halfway down the track, then POOF right at the finish line. Very cool blast of white vapor: you couldn't see either car for a few minutes. Don't know why he was running it so hard; he was already beat by the guy on the right (by a long shot). The lime-green VW bug was 2nd in line to run after the engine explosion, so we waited for them to clean the track to see him run again before we left (worth the wait!).

Pretty fun for $12 (per person to watch, about $22 (I believe) if you want to run your car). Now if they could apply some of that cash to paving the road and fixing the potholes on the track, more people would probably enjoy the races at Carlsbad (I'd never drive my Bullitt on that dirt road, not even to watch).
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