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Mustangs & Mustangs @ Fantasy of Flight Florida

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Hi everyone,
It's less than 3 weeks until the Mustangs & Mustangs show at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. I'm planning to go. Anyone else?

I did this show with my 5.0 back in 2001 and it was a pretty good show. The P-51 Mustangs are always great!
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I would love to go but i dont think my father or myself are going to be able to make it this time.
Really wish i could go, but money is really tight this month. i will be seeing those who are registerd at the Daytona show though
KevTrish said:
Well, tonight I start the cleaning process. It hasn't been touched since Waterford Lakes and I drive it every day. It is filthy!

Speaking of driving it every day, I'm getting some discouraged with this clutch and transmission. I've owned a lot of sticks in my life, but this one is the most unpleasant to drive. It's taking all the fun out of owning a Bullitt. The truth is, if I found an automatic GT in real nice shape (and I could make the move financially) I think I would jump on it. As much as I love my Bullitt and I don't like automatics, I-4 bumper to bumper is no fun in this car. Even though it's still under warranty, the dealer tells me there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe I'm just getting old.
I actually got kinda scared last night, cause 1633 was acting really weird. and really bad. youd give her gas and she wouldnt go anywhere. i was like crap, i was think the clutch and or tranny or something worse. but it was just my intake filter needing to be replaced. whew stupid florida rains. and Kevin, i dont think you would be too happy if you got rid of the car. and what is it doing. or is the clutch just really stiff?
KevTrish said:
Well, I can't get a smooth engagement with the clutch. It's very jerky and bouncy. I suppose that could just be slop in the transmission or maybe the clutch is on its way out. The transmission itself has all the usual 3650 options (the clunk, the bang, the grind, the growl)I'd love to know, just for the heck of it, what a dealer would charge to do an automatic conversion. That way, my wife could drive it, I'd get rid of the 3650 problems, and I wouldn't even think of getting rid of the car. I still don't like automatics, but anything is better than this.
not sure what the charge would be. But id try another dealer if they are telling you that the tranny and/or clutch is fine.
yeah it would be nice to be all parked together and get some club participation points :grin:
Im not with MFMC but ill join. just let me know when and where.
what mile marker would this rest area be at?
Yeah i got a little nervous when they said thunderstorms this weekend. hopfully that was only for St.Cloud
See you all there. gonna clean up 01633 tonight. and getting some new tires put on her too.
So lets say we will all try and meet up just off exit 44 around 8:25 to 8:40?
oh and i have most everyones #s but here is mine just in case (321)624-4702
Most definetly. im looking forward to getting a photo with a P-51 Mustang as well.
allright, ill most likly be there early as i am early for everything i get too
Yeah, it was a great show. Nice meeting up with Tim and kevin for the drive in. here are some photos.

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Yup and i think Brian had a good idea of going to the Orlando Speedworld track, for a group meet sometime.
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