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Mustangs & Mustangs @ Fantasy of Flight Florida

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Hi everyone,
It's less than 3 weeks until the Mustangs & Mustangs show at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. I'm planning to go. Anyone else?

I did this show with my 5.0 back in 2001 and it was a pretty good show. The P-51 Mustangs are always great!
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April 14th at Fantasy of Flight. I think registration starts around 8:00.
I pre-registered. Check out for details.
Sure, I'd like to meet up and go in together. I think I'm in MFMC...
I may meet you on I-4, but I get on at exit 55 (rt 27) since it's so close to me.
I'm glad that you're coming hollow_point. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Do we Bullitts want to try to park together again?
Glad to hear it Aaron. I'll be leaving my house about 8:00 which means I'll be at I-4 & 27 (exit 55) around 8:15. It's about another 10 minutes from there to Fantasy of Flight. I'm planning roughly to be there around 8:30 or so.
Well, tonight I start the cleaning process. It hasn't been touched since Waterford Lakes and I drive it every day. It is filthy!

Speaking of driving it every day, I'm getting some discouraged with this clutch and transmission. I've owned a lot of sticks in my life, but this one is the most unpleasant to drive. It's taking all the fun out of owning a Bullitt. The truth is, if I found an automatic GT in real nice shape (and I could make the move financially) I think I would jump on it. As much as I love my Bullitt and I don't like automatics, I-4 bumper to bumper is no fun in this car. Even though it's still under warranty, the dealer tells me there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe I'm just getting old.
Well, I can't get a smooth engagement with the clutch. It's very jerky and bouncy. I suppose that could just be slop in the transmission or maybe the clutch is on its way out. The transmission itself has all the usual 3650 options (the clunk, the bang, the grind, the growl)I'd love to know, just for the heck of it, what a dealer would charge to do an automatic conversion. That way, my wife could drive it, I'd get rid of the 3650 problems, and I wouldn't even think of getting rid of the car. I still don't like automatics, but anything is better than this.
Got the inside cleaned last night. Tomorrow I'll start the outside after work.

How many Bullitts are we looking at? I guess if we want to meet before the show and go in together, we should just wait outside the entrance. I'm still planning to be there around 8:30 or so.
Okay, so tonight is cleaning night. At least it stays lighter longer. That will help.

I think we're looking at 4 - 5 Bullitts? Me, Aaron, Dragon, Hollow_point, others?

Weather looks good for now.
That's great. I'm at 813-943-5774.

When I took my 5.0 in 2001, they took my picture with the P-51 and they were supposed to mail them. I never got mine...

I'm going to wait at the rest area just before exit 44 (I'm not sure where it is, but I'll look for it.) Hope to see everyone there!
Okay, 3143 is as ready as he's going to be. Man, I can't believe all the scratches and chips. I find more every time I wax him.

See you guys there tomorrow!
Glad you enjoyed it. What a great show. A bit disorganized, but great cars! One of these days I'll remember the sunblock though...
I printed this picture on photo paper using the dash plaque and the photo they handed out yesterday. If I can find a plaque like the one they sold at Waterford, it will be a match.


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