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I remember when I was a teenager back in the 60s and early 70s a lot of the muscle cars were all jaked up in the back and lowered in the front. You just don't see that anymore do ya? I guess rice is the in thing now.... :roll:

Some of you fellow old timers can relate with me now, can't ya?

I remember seeing a lot of Mustangs on a rake and Novas.

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That 'rake' was a bit dangous, put a lot of weight on the front wheels, hurt braking, plus the law started changing to stop that. In NC the max you can raise the back bumber now is 6 inchs.That rake also helped when it came to laying rubber.
With the rear surspenions that we have on the Bullitt, a coil spring change would do the trick. But remember, you are transferring the weight to the front of the car,so stoping would take a bit more distance. And we don't need the help turning those z45s over. #1673 doesn't, Prozac burns them rear good as is!

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aaaahhhhh, brings back some good memories Vickie!!
here in St. Louis, i remember a LOT of Mopars being jacked up. Cudas, Chargers, Darts, Road Runners, Challengers, along with the usual assortment of Camaros, Chevelles, Javelins, GTO's, and Mustangs. the sight of a good 68,69,70,71 muscle car can still snap my neck around.
i went to a VERY small school here in St. Louis(graduated with 57 others in 1975) and senior year, some of my friends had some KICK ASS cars: 69 Road Runner w/373, edlebrock hi-rise, holley double pumper, straight pipes and glass packs out the side, a 69 GTO with ram air, a 68 Firebird(think it was a formula), a 71 Hurst Olds/442, a 69 Torino that was REALLY jacked up, and a 71 Monte Carlo with some factory high performance engine that i'd never heard of("engine by Tornavonda"(SP?). one guy ( not in my "group") even got to drive his dad's yellow Pantera once in a while....
sigh...... of course i drove a 65 Rambler with a 199 cubic inch straight six engine...(we didn't have a ton o' money...bought it for $500.00)
but still, those guys drove pretty cool cars for a bunch of high school seniors!!
then my parents next door neighbor had a 69 SS 396 Camaro that was NOT street legal and turned high 11's at the 1/4 THAT was fun!!!!!!as you can see, i've had the "fever" for a VERY long time..
pretty nice memories that brought back Vickie, i hadn't thought about some of those high school cars in a LONG time!!


2001 Bullitt DHG #648

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I remember a Rich kid with a 454 LS6 Chevelle in High school and another one that had 69 Indy pace car Camaro Conv.
My Poor self had 66 Galiaxe 500 2dr with 2892bbl 3spd on the floor that was missing 3rd gear. Chrome reverse wheels & G60's. I love that car. I put every known toy from the Kmart auto section on it. I also Had 64 Thunderbird that the Oil press would drop to "0" after driving for an hour, Chicks loved that car.
I love all those old cars!!!!!!!! I guess thats why I love My bullitt so much it helps me remember all the cool days
Boy was 1977 a great time to be alive
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