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My 1st Bullitt driving Experience.....

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I picked up #5248 DHG on Saturday September 1st early in the morning. I had to drive to Canton, Ohio which is about 65 miles south of me due to the fact that my local dealers seemed to be the least interested in selling me this awesome machine. After taking delivery on the vehicle I jumped back on the highway to head home with my better half following me in our 2002 DHG Explorer. Remembering what I had read earlier on this web site(don't bother turning the stereo on)listen to the cool sound of the exhaust note,I see a late model Red Cobra pulling up next to me. He's looking over and admiring this beast as he gives me the thumbs up and I return the complement to his ride. Before I even make it home I see atleast a dozen people rubber necking to take a look at this wonderful piece of machinery. I get home and my better half can't believe the way people are starring at this car (her being behind me) as if I just pulled up in a $200K exotic. Her and I are both in utter amazement...
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ya, #344 has seen a lot of rubber necks in her day too!
That makes driving the Bullitt all the more fun.
Yea, we have something special here, and a lot of bang for the buck. I still, every time I drive mine, think "I LOVE this car!!"
I never get anyone rubber necking #4456. I think the area that I'm in most people have no clue what a bullitt is because they all drive BMW's and Mercedes Benz's. I've had the car 5 months now and I've had maybe 3 or 4 people give it a look in that time.
First day I had mine this guy in a really sweet Vette walks out of the store we were both in and noticed the Bullitt. As I was walking over to it he asked if it was mine. Asked if he could take a look. After checking it out for about 5 minutes he proceeded to tell me he wasn't really a Ford guy but that was one hell of a Mustang. Still getting looks!!
The most rubberneckers I had at one time was a busload of teenage boys.
Everytime I stop to gas up #4584, I have to answer questions from someone!! :smile: I have told the story so many times, I should just tape record it and push play as soon as they ask me!! :grin:
Man, what's wrong. To this day, no one has ask me about the Bullitt except my neighbor (who owns a new Camaro SS and he liked the Bullitt!)!! Oh well, no biggie. However, as far as I can tell I have seen people look at it from their cars, so that's cool!
Hey Dan, are you coming to our club meet on Saturday? If so, I'll make sure that lots of people ask you about your Bullitt! Just kidding...:grin: I wouldn't sweat it, I'll bet lots of heads turn when you drive yours around, you just probably don't notice them. I've noticed that the more I look around when driving, the more eyes I see locked onto #4584, and that always makes me grin...:grin:
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