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I picked up #5248 DHG on Saturday September 1st early in the morning. I had to drive to Canton, Ohio which is about 65 miles south of me due to the fact that my local dealers seemed to be the least interested in selling me this awesome machine. After taking delivery on the vehicle I jumped back on the highway to head home with my better half following me in our 2002 DHG Explorer. Remembering what I had read earlier on this web site(don't bother turning the stereo on)listen to the cool sound of the exhaust note,I see a late model Red Cobra pulling up next to me. He's looking over and admiring this beast as he gives me the thumbs up and I return the complement to his ride. Before I even make it home I see atleast a dozen people rubber necking to take a look at this wonderful piece of machinery. I get home and my better half can't believe the way people are starring at this car (her being behind me) as if I just pulled up in a $200K exotic. Her and I are both in utter amazement...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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