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here a picture of my 68GT
i had to sell the car a will back when i lost my job been regreting it since them

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This car was an original late 68 (read 68 ½)
With a 390 GT 4SP and get this the original color was ??? DHG
There is a story behind this car
This car was purchase from a friend of mine. It was converted way back in 1978
into a Shelby clone and painted blue,he got a "new" 427 install in, this car a turn numerous 11 second in the quarter mile.
In 1987My friend had to move to Toronto and did not wanted to bring the car with him
He ask me if I was interested in the car, but he did not want to sell the 427 with it
So I got the car for $7500 CAN, the car was in excellent shape I pick up the 428 CJ in Ottawa for next to nothing the seller also throw in a 6pack in deal (witch I still have)
did a paint job on the car and kept it as a Shelby clone for a wile
after that I got the car totally restore to original GT but at that time my wife did not like the original green color so we chose to paint it Aqua.
After I finish restoration I lost my job could not find a job for the next year so we decided it was ether the car or the house well the rest of the story is history

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That is beautiful.
That's the car...that's the one that always gets away from me.
More than anything else on this earth, I've always wanted a '68 with a 428CJ. More than anything.
I am SO sorry that you had to sell it.
But I know. Both my husband and I got laid off one month apart last year.
Oh god, the discussions we had about what to sell first.
I mentioned the kids...
thankfully we both found jobs.
When I bought the Bullitt HE was having buyers remorse, and the same discussions came back to haunt me.
I had to actually promise that the car would go before the house. (and the kids too)



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99GT--you do have a diecast of that car I trust to put next to the forthcoming Bullitt diecast--kind of your past and present?????

If not I can probably track one down for you--yes in that color with that hood, that hood stripe and those wheel covers--made by Ertl/American Muscle.

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