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"They" say to really take car of your car is a job, but to take care of a black car is a career! LOL! Seriously, it looks beautiful! I just bought a DHG 2008 last October with only 2,300 original (and documented) miles, and in spite of the low mileage the car needed some help bringing the exterior finish up to the level that would match the condition of the mechanicals and interior. It was garaged its whole life, used very little, but not always covered when stored. As a result the exterior had some marks and deep scratches that I had to work out before I could start to build up the finish. I haven't gotten the paint back to the level of yours yet, but I'll get there when the warm Spring weather returns up here in NJ. Even though we've had a mild winter so far, it's still just too cold to work on the car in an unheated garage.
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