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My Bullitt was assembled wrong

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I bought my black Bullitt 2 weeks ago I was out for a drive on Saturday when I noticed that the rocker covers are different. They have apparently put a cover for the gt on the driverside and the bullitt cover on the passenger side. I want to know if anybody else had this problem.
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Okay, so I was too embarrased to mention mine! I was embarrased because I wasn't the one who noticed it. I've been driving this car around for 5 months without noticing.
It was noticed by my new "friends" at, from a couple of kinda lousy pictures I sent in!

I'm one of the ones with the GT C-Pillar on one side and a Bullitt C-Pillar on the other.

I took it to the dealer last week. They ordered the part, it came in, they painted it True Blue, and now I'm supposed to take it in on Monday to have it put on. I'm actually AFRAID to let the dealer touch my car. I have no choice to let them do it....but I DON'T WANNA !
ALMOST every post relating to service at the dealers has bad news in it. GOD, what if they scratch the car, dent the car, TOTAL the car.
I guess I'll let you guys know how it goes on Tuesday.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Oh! Good Luck Mickey C#1437, just bite the Bullitt, and take it to the dealer. They'll fix it right up for you.


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I know. Thanks, Karl.
They do the work right there, and I have actually had one good experience with them.
When I bought the car, it had a couple of "spots" in the paint. Overspray, maybe?
I took it to them, and the manager made it beautiful in about 10 minutes while I waited. I went to work a very happy camper that day!
BUT...this involves more, and they want the car for the whole day, so it's scarier! I can't take the day off and sit and watch!
Wouldn't that be great!!!!?
I have my whole speech prepared for them...
so...we'll see how it goes!
Charlie, did the paint job turn out good? You can't tell the difference?
I got my car back from the dealer yesterday.
They removed the GT C-Pillar from the passenger side, and replaced it with a freshly painted C-Pillar for a BULLITT !

I have no complaints for the service department, they did a good job. The paint matches perfectly, and they didn't do any damage anywhere else!
Me too, thanks!

And thanks to the guys who helped me through this!

I'm so glad that it was basically just cosmetic. God, I hope nothing goes wrong mechanically.
I can't be subjected to driving a FOCUS again! Not ME !!!

Thanks again,

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