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My burnout video from the Dream Cruise

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I bumped into videos of the burnouts after the Team Mustang car show before the Woodward Dream Cruise back in August.

Luckily, I found someone who captured my burnout I did in my work Bullitt!

Check it out:
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Nice burnout we lost you in the smoke!!! :-B
Brought a HUGEsmile to my face! I love it!!

Dude, that's the bomb!!! Let me know how much your new tires will cost!!! Ha ha
I love the narrative. :lol:
Nice one! I could almost smell the burning rubber...
That was fabulous!! I need to get a camera one of these days! :smile:
That was exciting.Makes want to burn mine.I bet you had a blast.

I like how you refer to the car as your "work Bullitt". I wish I had a work BULLITT. Do oyu get to write-off tires if it's a work Bullitt?

BTW- nice job of keeping the fishtail under control!

I had the dubious honor of following MI_Bullitt's burnout with a feeble attempt of my own. Didn't want to push it with less than 750 miles, plus my bullitt is not a "work" bullitt. :wink:
anyone can pop a clutch , when i did my burn out it sucked do you use the e brake or feather the clutch out and then lay in the peddle and the foot brake
Thanks for the replies. Yes it was a blast. I was going to do a 360 with the burnout, but what you cannot see are a couple nice cars to the right of my car blocking the intersection.

I revved it up to 4K, dropped the clutch, and then pressed firmly on the brake and gas at the same time = tire wear!
You had to use the brake? I nailed mine one time only while dumping the clutch and had instant tire smoke all of the way from 2nd gear and then let off....didnt want too really abuse the tires!
MI your my hero, I've watched this 10 times I'm still laughing. If you need to take up a collection for the tires, count me in. Great stuff!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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