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My chip is in the mail!

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Yes I got a call today,from PHP,saying that my Bullitt chip was on it's way. I wonder what I can expect? My first time around with this chip deal. Also doing some mods. on the Densecharger setup.
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let's see.. i think it's
(or maybe just 1 s)
Mus 408, pretend i'm VERY slow ( ok, you don't have to pretend) what do you have to do to remove factory chip and install Paul's??
Actually the web address is That should get everyone there. Supposed to be good at what he does. Comes highly recommended. Let us know how the chip is Mus 408. Also....what modification are you doing to the densecharger? Or were you just listing it as one of the many to do?


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I received my chip from Paul's High Performance today along with all the other goodies I listed on my post in "The Dyno Shop". My car arrives this weekend and I plan to have it dyno'd in stages (densecharger, chip, densecharger and chip). I'll post the results when I get done.
I'd like some info on the densecharger. What is it doing for performance, horsepower, who sells them, price, etc.

Purchase the last package on the order page which comes with the larger 3530 filter and no plugs. Takes less than 30 minutes to install. You have to drill 3 small holes. You can feel and hear the improvement.

I will find out soon how much difficulty there is on changing chips very soon! From what I have read,you remove the passenger side kick panel,unbolt the computer from it's bracket. There is a covered port,you need to access,clean the pins completely,then install chip. On the Densecharger mod,I made a better match between the MAF unit and the adapter plate. Basicaly,I cut the plate off,bored the hole for a 3 inch connector OD. The hole was centered up with the MAF unit. The end of the 3 inch pipe,which meets the MAF is flaired out on a 5 degree taper,and slightly bellmouthed. The larger pipe connector,is used mostly for a step down bushing. Will see how it works. I just wanted to streamline the approach to the larger opening of the MAF unit.
there is no stock chip. The computer is already programmed. An aftermarket chip goes into a port that overrides the factory settings.

I'm not a big believer in mail-order chips. I think you're better off getting a wide-band tune either out on the road or on a dyno. There's too many variables involved to get a chip right the first time via the mail. A tuner might go through several "reburns" of the chip in order to tweak the a/f ratio.

but hey, maybe you'll get lucky!
I agree with you "JB" however I asked Paul about this and he said for the naturally aspirated car that there is more room for variance. On a car with a blower it is an absolute must and I believe he said he won't even sell a "mail order" chip to a person who has one for the very reasons you mentioned. In any case, I'll be reporting my results on the board in about a week or two. So stay tuned!
true roush! plus JB, Paul has more knowledge of Mustangs than most people around ANYwhere. he also knows much about the Bullitt specifically! while they were tuning the pre-production models, Paul was consulted and think they used his dyno too!Paul runs a Cobra himself
I know who Paul Svinicki is. He was one of the first to get a NA 4.6 cobra into the 11's. I actually met him at FFW Houston around 2 years ago as we were both racing in the modular class. He saw my atl blue cobra and I saw his and we hit it off pretty well (atl blue cobra owners kinda a fraternity :grin: ). Super cool guy who I have alot of respect for.

However, I still don't think I would want to be the guinea pig for an expensive mail order chip. If the car doesn't perform or pings severely, is Paul going to take the original chip back and reburn another? I'm sure he probably will, as that's the right thing to do. I just think it might be a hastle to keep mailing back and forth if the chip doesn't work right.

But like I said before, it might work on the first try. I hope it does. I'm anxious to see the results!!
Well,hell I will give it a shot! If it doesn't work correctly,well I know where to find him. Also we are planning a trip up that way in Sept.,so I will give him my feedback on how it runs,if not before then. So we will see. Hey if the crank falls out the bottom,that will be a good excuse for a Cobra engine swap!!!
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