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Actually, instead of pouring you with a 9 page racing report from the bay area, I thought I'd share my dream with you! Here goes...

I have this love for Mustangs... it might be why I'm still single... instead of flowers for the girls, I get gas for the car and floor it up and down the street... maybe not. Anyhow, the Cobra R... 2000 Cobra to be exact, is a bad ass car. And I absolutely love the car. Anyways here goes:

I was driving my Bullitt home. From the looks of it, I assumed I had just got done restoring it back to its OEM specs, eg no spoiler, no foglights, back to the old 5 speed, ect. I park the car inside a garage that appears to be my parent's house. I yell, "Mom, I'm taking the Cobra." I hop in and take off.

What a thrill ride as I was doing some pro stunt stuff like taking corners at insane speeds, powershifting up the gears and racing people. The numbers on the side read 281. Don't know why but it did. :smile: I enjoyed it thoroughly...

I parked it back next to the Bullitt when I got back home. Then jumped in my 2001 Cobra and headed back out to the open road...

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Man Los! For a moment there, I forgot it was your dream! I wish everyone had a chance to drive a Cobra R at least once. I still have not, however. I will get the nerve this summer I am sure! When Bill takes someone for a ride in it, I can hear it still, WAY down the road for a long ways! :lol: It is very quiet, tho, while idling. It is when you mash it, you hear the race car! It is awesome

Someone told me today that the 2002 Cobras are not as fast as the 2000 R. I wonder if they ever will be?

Well, Los, if you want to make your dream come true, come on up to my house and I bet hubby would at least let you sit in it! :smile: It is pretty cool, tho, to look at the back of the garage with Bullette and R back there with their winter coats on and seeing the outline of each car and how differrent they are. That fin on the R really sticks up there folks! :smile:



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