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My first Bullitt trip

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Took a while to break in my Bullitt the right way. (drive it hard, go through the RPM's up and down, no long trips with steady speads for a couple thousand miles, you know the drill, I got it from you people on this website)Well I feel like the car was due for her first Grand Touring Car adventure if you will. We took a trip to Columbus for Thanksgiving, and although its just 130 miles, I was able to see the otherside of this car. First of all, niether my wife nor myself felt uncomfortable at all after a couple hours of sitting in those great sport buckets. The cruise control was set all the way @ 75 MPH and it stayed in 5th gear. Up and down hills with ease. The CD player was loaded up and we had no problem enjoying the music over the exhaust noise. (despite other comments) And when I needed to pass, wow what power and torque, felt like King of the road. Great trip. Thought I'd say a little about this car other than its great street and strip qualities. It's like having 2 cars. I love it even more now. Take a long trip. You'll like it!
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I know the feeling, XTC!

When I went to Montana on vacation, I really enjoyed the, ride, power, comfort features and especially the gas mileage. 27 mpg @ 75 mph average. My '97 only gets 20 at that speed.

What I really found the most enjoyable, was tackling the high mountain back roads. Just on a whim, I decided to go from Bozeman, Montana to Boise, Idaho, strictly on the little tight 2 lane roads. I had more fun driving the car that day than ever before in my life.

I absolutely love everything about my Bullitt! :grin: :grin: :grin:
Thanks for reminding me, I got 26 miles per gallon. I'm soooo happy with that!
Yep,it is a real treat to take on those twisty roads,that's where it shines! I have driven mine thru the Blue Ridge mountains and out to Bristol Tenn. Both were fun trips. Now I have 4300 miles on it....need to take a winter break!
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