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When I took delivery of DHG #621 the first time, it had only been off the truck for a few hours and it was raining, so I guess the "make ready" guys didn't go over it thoroughly enough, or didn't have enough time. Anyway, the sales manager agreed to take it back after I drove it for the weekend, and fix the following:

<LI>grapefruit-sized dull spot in paint/clearcoat on right fender, behind headlight assembly (probably caused by protective plastic in transport)
<LI>scratch in paint/clearcoat on trunk deck
<LI>"BULLITT" badge on rear deck installed crooked
<LI>white chalky substance inside trunk lip, and on left quarter panel, driver's door - like a compound wax or polish
<LI>dime-sized dent/paint damage on rear bumper, just under license plate

They fixed everything as requested, to my ultimate satisfaction. It took a few extra days to get it back, but I wanted them to keep it as long as necessary to fix everything right, which they did.

Oh yea, they didn't fix the BULLITT badge, because it was going to take 6 WEEKS to get the badge from Ford! So I ordered it myself from, and I got it in 5 days. :???: So I can take it back anytime, and they will install it while I wait... or maybe I'll just try to tackle it myself.

Bob Worley
DHG #621
D-FW, Texas

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I found some scratches on the left rear quarter panel, the door trim behind the 460 speaker on the sriver's door is loose, and the rubber seal on the inside of the passenger door is "bubbly". I'm trying to get a time set up to take it over and get it fixed. Also have to order a new front left rim, the finish on the spokes somehow got onto the outer ring in about an inch area.

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I have the same "bubble" on the drivers side window seal. I think it's where they weld the inner roof panel (i've seen a stripped down car). Thinking about taking mine in too....let me know what happens.

Only other problems that mine came with, was a fogged up reverse tail lamp, and some squeaks that come, and go...

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Great! I get to complain, and I didn't even start it!

I took delivery of my car in the pouring rain and didn't get the detail to square the scratches in the paint.

When I took it in for all the repairs, all they did was wash it and put a dent in the fender.

So, my list:
1: Paint scratches over the car
2: Dent
3: Orange peel in some 'hard to reach' places
4: "U" is crooked in Bullitt
5: Headlights foggy (nothing done until good ones come in)
6: No passenger's side floormat
7: Passenger's side bubble in window seal (fixed)
8: Carpet loose in Pass. foorwell
9: Window trim on rear glass was loose (fixed)
10: Parking brake handle bent, new console ordered and waiting to put in.
11: Headliner edge exposed by driver's A pillar.
12: trunk carpet loose.

I think that's it. It's not enough to make me fret over the car. Its a Ford, almost expect it.

I do worry that my dealer is a flake and I've called the body shop several times to get the scratches and dent out. No return calls.

Its about time to call the General Manager again.
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