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When I took delivery of DHG #621 the first time, it had only been off the truck for a few hours and it was raining, so I guess the "make ready" guys didn't go over it thoroughly enough, or didn't have enough time. Anyway, the sales manager agreed to take it back after I drove it for the weekend, and fix the following:

<LI>grapefruit-sized dull spot in paint/clearcoat on right fender, behind headlight assembly (probably caused by protective plastic in transport)
<LI>scratch in paint/clearcoat on trunk deck
<LI>"BULLITT" badge on rear deck installed crooked
<LI>white chalky substance inside trunk lip, and on left quarter panel, driver's door - like a compound wax or polish
<LI>dime-sized dent/paint damage on rear bumper, just under license plate

They fixed everything as requested, to my ultimate satisfaction. It took a few extra days to get it back, but I wanted them to keep it as long as necessary to fix everything right, which they did.

Oh yea, they didn't fix the BULLITT badge, because it was going to take 6 WEEKS to get the badge from Ford! So I ordered it myself from, and I got it in 5 days. :???: So I can take it back anytime, and they will install it while I wait... or maybe I'll just try to tackle it myself.

Bob Worley
DHG #621
D-FW, Texas

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