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Great! I get to complain, and I didn't even start it!

I took delivery of my car in the pouring rain and didn't get the detail to square the scratches in the paint.

When I took it in for all the repairs, all they did was wash it and put a dent in the fender.

So, my list:
1: Paint scratches over the car
2: Dent
3: Orange peel in some 'hard to reach' places
4: "U" is crooked in Bullitt
5: Headlights foggy (nothing done until good ones come in)
6: No passenger's side floormat
7: Passenger's side bubble in window seal (fixed)
8: Carpet loose in Pass. foorwell
9: Window trim on rear glass was loose (fixed)
10: Parking brake handle bent, new console ordered and waiting to put in.
11: Headliner edge exposed by driver's A pillar.
12: trunk carpet loose.

I think that's it. It's not enough to make me fret over the car. Its a Ford, almost expect it.

I do worry that my dealer is a flake and I've called the body shop several times to get the scratches and dent out. No return calls.

Its about time to call the General Manager again.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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