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Date: 8/27/01 6:06:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected] (Hyde, Arthur (A.S.))
To: [email protected]

Thanks for the input.

By now you would have read my response. A metal tag is much easier to tamper with so we chose a film label to protect our owners best. The label is not peeling or fading from what we can tell. The issue is that the ink was no tested adequately before Job#1 and has proven to be vulnerable to most cleaners. We will be sending a clear sticker to permanently protect the ink before the end of the year to eliminate the problem.

Sending labels to customers or dealers is very risky. We have indications that people are trying to fake Bullitts and we do not want to provide the one non-servicable part to make their "fake" like the real thing. We know we have some customers with ink very semeared or wiped off so we will have to send some labels out. The security precautions around doing this are taking time.

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Wrote Art the other day with a suggestion for the Sticker problem. Little disappointed in the response.

I suggested that he take suggestions from Bullitt owners and then we could all vote on what was most acceptable. Also if it would cost extra, to put the cost up front so we would know what we were voting on.

His answer was that this would draw the whole thing out and besides only 5% of owners will be on line.....

Currently we have 263 owners here....
Some how I figure we are going to bust that 5% number.
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