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Nationals Drag Racing

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I need a number of those planning to enter the Nationals drag racing competition. Please post here if you are racing. We have added a stock class for those with stock Bullitts. The rules for this class are:

Street tires only - no drag radials, slicks etc.
No performance mods IE: gears, headers, etc.

Basically a stock Bullitt. CAI/aftermarket filter/aftermarket shifter are the only permissable mods.

Fastest N/A Bullitt - No power adders superchargers, turbos, NOS etc. Any other performance mods/tire combinations allowed.

Fastest Bullitt - Anything goes.

All time slips must be handed in at the car show prior to 7PM.
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BULLITT3230 said:
You all are safe....3230 won't have enough time to break in before hitting the track, so I don't plan to be racing her in Tulsa.
Drive it like you stole it. Everything breaks in better at 6000rpms :)
DavidMidgley said:
And I'm sure Paul has more stock parts on his car than non-stock parts. So, maybe he is driving a stocker most of the time. Or not!:badgrin:
Exactly, my power steering pump is making a funny noise.....
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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