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Nationals Drag Racing

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I need a number of those planning to enter the Nationals drag racing competition. Please post here if you are racing. We have added a stock class for those with stock Bullitts. The rules for this class are:

Street tires only - no drag radials, slicks etc.
No performance mods IE: gears, headers, etc.

Basically a stock Bullitt. CAI/aftermarket filter/aftermarket shifter are the only permissable mods.

Fastest N/A Bullitt - No power adders superchargers, turbos, NOS etc. Any other performance mods/tire combinations allowed.

Fastest Bullitt - Anything goes.

All time slips must be handed in at the car show prior to 7PM.
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Stock class is stock. No aftermarket performance mods other than those listed. They will have time trials so you can get your best run time slip and turn it in.
itsabullitt said:
So, an otherwise stock Bullitt except an aftermarket midpipe would be in the fastest NA Bullitt category? Not wanting to flame, but a midpipe MIGHT give you as much hp as a cai. And it wouldn't have a chance against a B with heads,cams,headers,gears etc. I guess there's just no class that a car like mine would fit into. I'll have fun watching though.
Here's the problem. Where do we draw the line? Allow CIA, mid pipes/aftermarket exhaust and gears in the stock class? In the past we just had Fastest Bullitt period. So that class was very limited to those that spent the money. We are trying to include those that do not mod their Bullitts and still want to race.

The Bullitt Shootout is the real racing event. We have classes based on ETs and it's heads up racing. Can't do that at this event. Bracket only.
kaylan1521 said:
I'm in for the stock class. :wink:
We really are not racing. It's the car with the fastest times in each class.
OK, for the "non racers" it will be the lowest elapsed time in each class. By time not by speed..... :D

BTW If you red light that time slip will not count. Has to be a good run. Just a little info for Paul.
The award goes to the lowest elapsed time in each class. Why David, you entering?? :D
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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