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Nationals Fastest Road Course Bullitt

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We have added this new award. To participate you must rent a transponder ($25) from the race course and bring your time slip to the car show Saturday evening. Any performance mods are allowed for this award. Post oup if you are running!!
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droopysbullitt said:
Just because someone has a sc car doesn't mean they can handle it on the track!

Wanna bet
droopysbullitt said:
What I meant was the driver is more important on a road course just like at the drag strip. Your car is set up and you have a great deal of experience. Put your car in for example, my hands and I would not be the fastest!
Just funnin with ya Greg :wink: I wish I could make it this year but lack of funds... Would have been fun to give some of my fellow Bullitt Heads a ride/lesson :badgrin:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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