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Nationals Hotel Info Posted!!!

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Hotel reservation info is posted!!

8039 E. 33rd St South

Tulsa, OK 74145

Phone 918 622-6300
$79 per night single or double

Call to Reserve

Mention Bullitt Nationals Group

Bullitt Nationals Thursday June 14th to Sunday June 17th

Post in this thread when you reserve your room.

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Mr.BULLITT said:
ahahah. at least its closer to Florida this year. maybe ill be able to make it
We all want to see thet Stealth Bullitt of yours so get yourself up to Tulsa!!!
We're booked but going to need a miracle with the 'incredible smoking man'. The Comfort Inn is all non-smoking.
Hopefully no miracle needed with 5417:confused:
--Forte 2's Mom
Molly and I have reservations. How long will the events go on Sunday?
Trish, Courtney and I be booked. :)
Jimmy Ray and Kay are booked

Tracy and I have a confirmed reservation @ Comfort Suites in Tulsa. See ya there.
Just confirmed my reservation....wooohooooo! :)
Just confirmed my reservations.
I don't know if I will actually make it or not, but I went ahead and reserved a room for those nights. As soon as I gave her the dates she asked if I was with the Bullitts. Apparently she is getting lots of calls now.
made mine awhile back
I'm signed up. Clerk said I was #20.
if I show up to his, I'll probably be stangless or in a black 98GT :D
Anyone already booked and going alone who would like a room mate to cut the cost in half? I'll pay cash.
I booked a room but I am still looking for a room mate.
Reservations made today!
off topic but i was just curious what rates people are getting now? On the internet the cheapest i can find is $100. Me and a buddy of mine are planning on going but we are definately not made of money... If you got a lower rate please inform me on how... im kinda new at this kinda thing
You have to call the hotel direct. Use the info on the first page.
PhotoRick said:
I booked a room but I am still looking for a room mate.
Paul? Hello Paul! New roomy here for ya bud ^^^
cdnTB#2021 said:
Paul? Hello Paul! New roomy here for ya bud ^^^

IF you decide to actually share a room with Pauly-poop, be warned!

Bring or buy 2 AIR FRESHENERS once there!!!! Industrial strength recommended!!!!
Bring or buy a toilet bowl plunger!!!
Set rules EARLY..... Paul MUST flush three times before it is safe to even go near the bathroom!!!!!!
Don't get spooked by the blow-up doll with patches all over propped up in the corner, that will be the least strange thing you'll see sharing a room with Paul.
The weird sounds coming from under the sheets at night are not to be laughed at or encouraged. You'll find out why!
Bring ear plugs.
Bring baseball bat to bed with you.......
When registering at the hotel, ask for a waiver that clears you of any plumbing problems or breakage.

Other than that, you should be okay.

Good luck.
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21 - 40 of 47 Posts
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