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NC Bullitts?

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Hi guys (and gals), I'm from Charlotte, NC and have spotted two different Bullitts in the last week. I rarely see anything other than GT's around here so I wondered if we have any other NC Bullitt's hiding....if so, bring em' out!

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i Was in Charlotte NC

i own black #2436...

but now i'm stuck in delaware for atleast the next 3 months.. :sad:
Dang...that stinks :sad:

We'll have to go cruising sometime when you get back into town :smile:

Stonebridge is still in charlotte maybe he'll hop on and say something sooner or later. never know :smile:

and trust me his true blue is incredible lookin O_O
BLK #3684 over here in Raeford, don't go out to Charlotte though.
Yup, I'm still in Charlotte. Send me a PM when you get this. I'd love to check out your and hang out sometime. You're right...there doesn't seem to be many Bullitts in the area.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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