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Need bullitt parts.

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Hello, long time...

Last month, I hit some ice and wrecked 1048. Damaged was caused by going off road and into and out of a ditch. I was not hurt. Thought my BULLITT was totaled, but GEICO said it was fix able.

The collision shop is having a hard time finding parts, so I'm helping them out.

Passenger side exhaust got curled under and was actually poking out in front of the passenger side rear tire.

Side tracked there...

1. Looking for stock exhaust and muffler. (If not stock, then a good alternative recommendation.)

2. Driver side rocker panel.

3. Stock grill. (Had a mach one delete kit, but it didn't fit right, so recommendation for a well fitting mach one delete grill would be appreciated.)

I found a side scope on here about four, five years ago from a guy in BC CA. As I recall, he had a pretty good collection of wrecked BULLITTS. If any one knows who that might be and has his number, I would appreciate if you can pass to me.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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