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I just figuered this out myself....

At the bottom of your edit profile page, there is a link that says "upload image".

Browse to the pic u want to use, then click on it.

Once it has been uploaded, it will give you some text to cut and paste into your sig.

Very simple actually, I wish I had a pic attached the whole time.

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On 2001-12-15 21:28, bullitt0399 wrote:
I dont have that on my edit profile.

In this topic here, hit Reply then scroll down and you'll see Upload Image File

Upload your pic and as soon as it uploads, an address will appear looking sort of like bullittclubpicupload[/img

Left click your mouse, run the pointer over the address until it's completely highlighted and press [B]Ctrl C[/B] locking it to memory.

Next, go to edit profile and get your mouse cursor to flash in your sig content line, then press [B]Ctrl V[/B] and that will transfer the upload address directly.

[B]Boom![/B] you're done.

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And 1NastyFord should know about signatures! Everytime I look he's got another cool one! You never seize to amaze me Nasty! :smile:
BTW #5135--that is one he** of a shine goin on there! You could see yurself in there! :smile:



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