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Need some anti-rice help

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I have a co-worker who's all rice. He drives a riced-out Civic, coffee can in tow (but no huge spoiler), type R and racing team decals all over the place. We were talking about engines, and I was looking up some specs on Fords, and he said "geez, Ford makes some seriously under-powered engines." Specifically, all of them. Ours included. He went on about how small and powerful Honda and Acura engines are, and our 4.6L is a big waste of space for the measly 265hp we're getting.

What do I do about this guy? Beating the living crap out of him does no good because there wouldn't be a challenge (he's a serious wuss), and it wouldn't really solve the issue. I don't know enough to really debate him on this stuff, and I don't know if he really knows what he's talking about or just blowing air out his ass. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll post pics of his car as soon as I get them. :smile:
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Anyone who is a *real* car buff would understand and appreciate the V8 in the Bullitt, and the torque and sound one can get from a V8.

Ask him why he limits himself in such a way as to not be a "real car enthusiast". :wink:

Put it this way.
Horsepower is something Hondas wished they had.
Torque is something Hondas definately don't have.

#3753 True Blue
Just take him out to the track and setle it man to boy!! LOL
Don't take that crap from the joker. Talk is just talk and real torque comes from a rear wheel drive V-8(which the Bullitt has plenty of). Race him or have him ride in the Bullitt and really feel the force.
small cars, smallhorsepower ,small minds, small...... well other things... hmmm a connection???
or simply smile and cars faster then ur car.... and walk away
I have a "young" coworker (early twenties) who told me he didn't like American cars because, "I don't like the torque." He then went on to say that he likes cars that are truly fast, not just quick. I smiled and nodded, knowing the the time of the Bullitt would come.

He was kind enough to go with me after work one day to move some furniture. I said I'd give him a ride there and back. :wink:

For the 3 miles or so to the highway onramp, I took it fairly easy. I made sure to slow down enough to get into first as I turned on to the ramp. Then I pressed it fairly quickly to the floor, keeping first hooked, but still accelerating FAST.

SCREECH -- sideways into second :-B

RIIP -- LOUD bark going into third. Car jerked a bit to the side, but I don't think I actually broke third free.

Took 4th up to about 100 before I backed off.

"Oh s**t." was all he had to say.

He later said no car had ever pushed him back into the seat like that. He said that the acceleration (not my driving) actually scared him.


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Now that's what I'm talking about. Good job!
Seeing (and feeling) is believing.
I love you guys! :smile:

texasbullit - he is only 5'2"...

I took him for a short ride in mine across town. No good place to go fast, but I did accelerate around a corner and he said "I just don't like how big cars feel when they go fast."

Incidentally, he *loved* The Fast and The Furious simply because it was mostly imports racing, and for no other reason.
"Big cars"? What's he been drinking?

I'll give him a quick ride in my Impala so he can see what a true "big car" feels like. :smile:

I have never heard Mustang's referred to as big cars before [snicker].

ok, lets see....5 ft 2... small head means less brains, less brains means less ability to think in a clear ,rational, conventional manner thus creating the inert fear of large objects realor percieved and that results in the making of such a statement... ja?
seriously though.. everyone has there own preferences, so, what ever floats his boat let him be happy and deluded
If he wants to compare power, have rice boy pick out his favorite 2001 dish of rice. Take the MSRP (Just to keep things equal as possible). Take his MSRP and divide it by the Horsepower. Ours would be$26,830 divide by 275 (according to the updated ford page) You get $97.56 per HP. Let him do the math for his pic and then you can go WHAT dude you got screwed......What a waste of money.....
Why thank you sgtsalsr. I had more fun writing about that than I actually had doing it!

Hi, folks! As promised, here's some pics of my co-worker's ricemobile. :smile:

Lookit da coffee can...

Type R Civic, eh?...

Yes, it's lowered to the ground, it's got big wheels, it MUST be fast! It's got Summit and Intek stickers on it! Those names are, like, so cool, this car obviously kicks ass! Plus, it's powered by HONDA!!! WOOO!!!

And he had the NERVE to tell me I should get rear light covers like his...

Those white panels are brittle-as-hell fiberglass. He's broken them several times on speed bumps and other non-level road surfaces.

That's all I have now. I snuck these before work, so he doesn't know a thing. If you want some more giggles, just ask :smile:
As ricers go, it's fairly tame. Nothing quite like RiceBoy has seen, but amusing.

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Oh man, not even worth the time...

I'm still laughing.
that is one BUTT ugly car!!
i wasn't going to say anything till you posted the pics
Civic Type R my ass, more like Civic Type Folgers!!!
thanks for the laugh though, i needed one this afternoon
1007 will be on the look out for Mr R type Riceburg......The stickers don't scare us. Tell him to paint that ugly bummper thing, to match the rest of the car..... It's funny most ricers I have the fun of pulling next to won't look at me......Talk is cheap!!!!!! Lets go hunting ricer!!!!!
Run his ass over in your Bullitt just for being ignorant.
I can't believe he thinks that thing can even be compared to a Bullitt. It's not even worth the gas.
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