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Hello all!

Last night my Step-Dad's 2003 Azure Blue Mach 1 was stolen in South Florida. MY parents live in Hialeah, FL I am only posting this in the hopes that some one hears something or sees something. If you have any info please don't be afraid to email me at [email protected].

Some facts about the car:
1. Its a low mileage 2003 Azure Blue Mach 1 just under 40k miles
2. Black 17x9 and 17x10 mach 1 rims, originally chrome then painted black (non deep dish)
3. Had a MAC prochamber H-pipe
4. Steeda Stainless steel catback.
5. Eibach Pro kit springs
6. Speed of Sound dual A-pillar gauge pod w/ Ford Racing gauges Fuel PSI & Water Temp
7. Hurst Short shifter with Long handle w/ T-handle Shift knob engraved with Mach 1 Logo
8. Hood was wrapped in Matte black with red pin Stripes

These are things I can think of that make it stand out everything ya know is kind of generic and found regularly. I understand some of you may say forget it that car is gone, yes I understand that so all Im asking for is your help.

Thank You,
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