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This is this first dark colored vehicle I have ever owned. I need to know what you guys are using to wash your Bullitt with. I want to make sure that I do'nt get those spider web scratches.
1.Car wash solution
3.Leather treatment
4.Washing device (sponge,hand mit,etc)
5.Drying device (leather chamois, towels,etc)


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Meguiar's Gold Class soap is cheap and won't remove wax or polymer. You can get it by the gallon. I use brand new soft sponges and replace them frequently.

I bought a trunk-load of Meguiar's products including their Gold Class liquid wax. I know that Zaino and Klasse have made their followings, but I'm still into carnuba. The shine really is quite good and the protection seems to be there - we'll see how long it lasts.

My favorite problem solver is the Porter Cable random orbit polisher I recently purchased. It has taken all the work out of creating a mirror finish and it makes scratch removal a breeze. Without a doubt, there will be scratches. When it comes to dark finishes, they come with the territory. You're thinking ahead to limit them, that's good. Water spots are a HUGE pain, too. Don't allow them to occur or you'll really have your work cut out for you. Be absolutely certain to wash a COOL car in the SHADE, no matter what time of year, and dry QUICKLY. You'll be much happier.

I'm using a light pass with a California Water Blade and final dry with soft 100% cotton white hand towels made by Royal or Fieldcrest. That blade has cut my dry time down to about 15 minutes from 40. I really don't like drying.

Oh, you can also check out one of the detail bibles:

DHG #2095

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I'm into the proven aura of tradition, so I use the same stuff I did as a kid...
1. Zip
2. Turtle
3. Lexol cleaner and conditioner
4. sponge
5. leather chamois
It's all inexpensive and works great.

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Here is what I use.
-Meguiers gold soap, it lathers well. This will help float dirt off your car.
-the wax I use is Meguiers no.28, it goes on easy and comes off easier leaving a deep shine.
-For the leather I use Lexol like Dennis. Been using for a while and am satisfied with the results.
-For drying I use the absorber.
-I also use an orbital buffer to apply polish to my paint. It makes my life a lot easier but still apply the final wax by hand.
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