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Right after the wife & I got home Friday, my neighbor came over & asked if the Bullitt was in the garage (it was). Then he said we should move 'cause his garage was on fire :eek: Turns out something in the dash of his car caught fire & the car burned up everything in the garage. Luckily, his garage is built of concrete block, so it contained the fire until the fire department got there. I've got some funny shots of a bunch of fireman standing around while 1 or 2 battle the fire - reminded me of road crews. Anyway, I thought that was real decent of him to come over & tell us to move the car.


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That was decent. If it were me, I'd bring him a gift or something as thanks. You can never have too many friends like that. Heck, a car guy video and a 6 pack would probably take his mind off of it, at least for a bit.

Good that it didn't spread. That would have sucked! :sad: nothing worse than seeing a beautiful car like the Bullitt that has been burnt.
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