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This is gonna get kinda involved, but i'm asking you to bear with me and read this so no one else gets screwed. A week ago I ordered an Independent Rear Suspension from Mustang Parts Specialist ( One their site is listed an complete IRS takeoff from a 2001 Cobra....supposedly only 3 weeks old. Exhaust was included also. Easy swap and the car would handle a lot better. Today I recieved my little package. What came, was an axle assembly from a 99 Cobra, and no exhaust. Now this would fit, but it's not what I ordered and no way am I putting something that is 2 years old on my car. I called these guys up, talked to the guy Bruce who sold it to me. Besides being a jerk now, he just flat out lied to me, saying thats what i ordered. He even came right out and said he never had a 2001 take off.... even though it is still on their site right now. He went on saying I could return it, but he could not refund the freight, and there was a restocking fee. Like anyone else at this point, i was steaming.... and leaving out the not so good language....I told him if he wants it back, he can pick it up himself and i'm not paying. I immediatly filed a dispute with my credit card and they are not paying it right now. This is one of the advantages of belonging to a club like ours. These guys were very unproffesional, and I urge everyone here not to get involved with them. Spread the word......please.
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Make sure you keep a copy of the current page before they change it. Glad you paid by credit card. That is false advertisement no matter how you look at it.
I will be sure to file that in my memory bank.Thanks for the heads up.
I did make a print out of that page, and obviously i am saving my reciepts (which even has the words 99 Cobra, and a vin# on it).
I have heard other people having trouble getting the parts they ordered from them.
I own two web design firms and nothing steams me more than people like that who give net sales a bad rap. I see it all too often and we suspend service if we catch one of clients doing that.
I've already submitted a claim at the Better Business Bureau down there in Geargia. I've also e-mail just about every address listed on the Automotive Recyclers Association which they belong too. If they wanna be jerks.....i can too.
Way to go Bullitt4542! Go get them!
If you are a member of MCA (as we all should be), You should let them know about it as well. Benefit of membership!

If you really want to make these clowns miserable, contact this guy, Tom Martino. I listen to his national radio show every day and he really gets p*ssed off over stuff like this!
They deserve to be shut down for doing business in that manner. Go gettum #4542.

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Of course you know... this means war!!! Thanks Guys!
Thanks for the valuable info Bullitt#4542.
It is too bad that a group like this doesn't have more clout to help put out the word on these poor business people.
I guess it is too easy these days, to start a business, put a sign on the building, build a web site and then start screwing with the public. The owner may have had good intentions but then hired the wrong people (like this guy) to run the business. Only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel.
Occasionally screw-ups happen, and I understand that.... but in a case like this, they didn't even try to rectify the problem. Also, this is not just an isolated incedent. I'm finding out a lot of people have been screwed by these guys, including other members of the Bullittclub. I'm just trying to get the word out so this doesn't happen to anybody else.
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