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New and Scared to Death

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I just discovered Bullitclub and have been reading the extensive posts on the transmission and "death rattle" problems. I am now afraid to start my car. I have some questions that I can't find specific answers to in the posts I've read.
1)Are the problems happening mainly in the earlier cars? Seems like most numbers are pretty low.
2)Are the mechanical engine/tranny problems only happening in the Bullitt and not the GT? If so, Do we have a different long block and transmission from the standard 2001 GT?

In now have 8000+ miles on 5064 and the only sign of trouble is the Hologram problem and a very slight 1-2 shift notchy feel that goes away in about two blocks, but nothing like what I'm reading here. (he knocks on wood)

Thanks, and what a great board.
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Fear not! While some of us have had troubles with our cars not much "that" serious has arisen and certainly nothing that would keep me from running my car. Just keep an ear out for anything really out of the ordinary. You'll get to know the sounds your car makes, and be able to tell pretty readily when something "Not right" happens. In the end remember.. you have a full factory warranty to fall back on. While none of us want to see our cars in the shop the warranty is there to protect you.
So, enjoy your car and welcome to the club!
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