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New and Scared to Death

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I just discovered Bullitclub and have been reading the extensive posts on the transmission and "death rattle" problems. I am now afraid to start my car. I have some questions that I can't find specific answers to in the posts I've read.
1)Are the problems happening mainly in the earlier cars? Seems like most numbers are pretty low.
2)Are the mechanical engine/tranny problems only happening in the Bullitt and not the GT? If so, Do we have a different long block and transmission from the standard 2001 GT?

In now have 8000+ miles on 5064 and the only sign of trouble is the Hologram problem and a very slight 1-2 shift notchy feel that goes away in about two blocks, but nothing like what I'm reading here. (he knocks on wood)

Thanks, and what a great board.
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Like what was stated before----most of us have had no problems. The warranty is there for 3 years 36000 miles and if there are still continuous problems with it throughout the warranty(which is a pain in the butt to deal with)---you could always get rid of it when it (warranty)expires. You probably will be able to get rid of it quite easily by then.

I have about 4300 miles on mine with no problems in my opinion. The transmission does feel a bit notchy, but I think it's just the way the transmission is.
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