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New and Scared to Death

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I just discovered Bullitclub and have been reading the extensive posts on the transmission and "death rattle" problems. I am now afraid to start my car. I have some questions that I can't find specific answers to in the posts I've read.
1)Are the problems happening mainly in the earlier cars? Seems like most numbers are pretty low.
2)Are the mechanical engine/tranny problems only happening in the Bullitt and not the GT? If so, Do we have a different long block and transmission from the standard 2001 GT?

In now have 8000+ miles on 5064 and the only sign of trouble is the Hologram problem and a very slight 1-2 shift notchy feel that goes away in about two blocks, but nothing like what I'm reading here. (he knocks on wood)

Thanks, and what a great board.
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Thanks to everyone for the information. I feel much better about my car, but I sure hope Ford stands behind the product for the problem cars out there. These problems must take a lot of pleasure out of owning a really great concept car. As more of the trannys and modular motors get out there it will be less likely Ford will be able to brush off the problems. I guess I now need to go to my dealer and address the fact my numbers are disappearing off of my Hologram. I feel fortunate to have only this minor problem.
If the Bullitt motors are continuing to be used in the GTs, then why do I keep reading posts that new Bullitt motors are not available anymore? Are they talking about complete motors with the Ford Motorsports intake and TB, and not just the long block assembly?
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