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Here it is folks. All 1968 sides will be green and the trunk will be painted.

The "B" could be a little better, but I think it will have to do. Takes too long and costs to much for another mold.

I told him to press with the final production.


Wade Koch
Steeda Tri-Ax
Pro-M 80mm MAF

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On 2002-01-07 10:43, h1resq wrote:

It's the file name. There's a space in it. My fault. I'll fix it tonight.


No problem now. I thought I just needed to put in the symbol for a space in the file (which is %20 from a browser perspective). The part I missed was that the path to the image was ../bullitt/images... duh on my part. :wink:


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Thanks, Wade. Just ordered one coin and one case via PayPal.
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