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New BULLITT Products from the BULLITT Store

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Here's a list of items under review for production. Please let me know which items you would like to see offered.

Authentic Det Lt BULLITT SFPD badge w/car number (already working).

Floor Mats (already working)

Stainless Travel Mugs (already working)


Fanny Packs

College style Sweatshirts (crew and hooded) (already working)

Leather Jackets (already working)

Light weight jackets

Shot Glasses

Glassware (low ball/high ball glasses)

pins (look like patch)

stickers (look like patch)


Lighters (Bic and Zippo)

CD Cases

Sports Bottle

Anything you would like to see offered, please don't hesitate to pm me!



Wade Koch
3.73s, Steeda Tri-Ax
Pro-M 80mm MAF
JBA Cat4ward Chrome Headers
MAC Prochamber
Diablo Chip

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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