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New Bullitthead

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Hello all.

It all started with a trip to an auto show where I went to primarily see the 09 Challenger and the Camaro. Then I saw it a Black Bullitt. I stared and gawked. Oh, yeah I saw the Challenger and the Bumblebee, but I became fixated on this car – a black Bullitt. Then acquired the motivation to figure out how to send a picture using my phone and then informed my wife that this is it, I am buying this car.

I researched and found out everything about the Bullitt. I viewed every web article I could Google, watched every YouTube video out there and then I stumbled across this website IMBOC. And read the warnings by Greg Autry, about how you start off slow and then you are obsessed with the car, you become a Bullitthead. I thought no way, it’s just a car right? RIGHT?

Now it’s been over five weeks since I’ve ordered my Bullitt, and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my black 08 Bullitt (hopefully less than two weeks away – that what I keep telling myself anyway). As the day’s countdown till arrival, I find myself logging onto the IMBOC website more frequently. My kids say, “You’re not looking at your car again are you?” To which I reply, “No, I’m checking my email. “

I didn’t have a problem – I didn’t think I did. :doubt:

Yes, I was in denial. :eek: Sometime over the past four weeks, I got hooked. I’ve got Ford’s Bullitt wallpaper pictures on my computers. The black Bullitt from the autoshow is on my phone. Yes I’m now a Bullitthead, I’m ordering parts for a car and I don’t even have it. I’ve tossed the dogs out of the garage, built a shed for the rest of the junk in the garage, and get this; my wife is in the process of completely redoing the garage so my Bullitt can sit in there with style.( Yeah, I’ll send pics when I get it in there.)

I’ve surfed the IMBOC site, read the articles. I’ve checked out the mods, problems, questions, and pictures. I’ve enjoyed reading about the stories and pictures of some of you picking your car up at the dealer and I’ve been happy for all of you and I anxiously await my turn.

But for those of you out there thinking about buying that Bullitt, take heed of Greg’s warning – it happened to me and it can happen to you too. If you are reading this you are already close, if you purchase the car you’ll be even closer, if you become an IMBOC member there is no turning back.

You see it's the car that pulls you in and it's the great people in these forums that keep you comming back.

I’m not sure how this process of maturing into a Bullitthead progresses, but I am looking forward to reading more questions, viewing more pictures, and enjoying more stories about my fellow Bullittheads.

Take care,
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Great 'testimonial' Jet

I first talked to my dealer about the Bullitt in August '07. No one knew much of anything about it other than there would be one.
I read all the 'speculation' on the web sites and dismissed most of it.
At the end of October, before the order banks opened, I went to my dealer and he agreed to try to place the order. He did and it took! I didn't actually get my Bullitt until the end of January '08. I know I was first in my dealers region to order one, but that doesn't matter to Ford, they don't fill orders that way.
Anyway, I ordered mine sight unseen and without a test drive. I couldn't be happier.
You will LOVE your Bullitt when it arrives!
Welcome to the Bullitt world!! I see your in Monterey--check out the regional forums below. Back in 2003 we had a Bullitt meet at Hearst Castle--time for a 'redo'...we are in the planning stages for an Oct 11-12 2008 weekdn at the Castle...Hope you and the wife will join us!
Good move ! You wont be sorry.
I picked up a "Motor Trend" mag while in the waiting room at the doctors office, read the article by Chad McQueen, and went right to the Ford dealer. He had a black Bullitt due in next and I put a deposit on it. While driving home I realized I had absolutely NO plan to pay for it. But, all things worked out.
I like your garage plan. My Bullitt is in the garage, while my daily driver, a year old crossover, sits in the New York snow.

You did the RIGHT THING. Good luck and happy miles to you.
Mwilson said:
my wife is in the process of completely redoing the garage so my Bullitt can sit in there with style.

Sounds like a keeper there.
Welcome Jet! You're in for a lot of fun and it sounds like you were REALLY bitten by the Bullitt bug! I've had mine about ten days and love it.
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