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New chrome rims

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I put my new chrome rims on today
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Bullitt wheel caps

Credit to Jimmy Ray for the BULLITT wheel caps

Many thanks brother, been waiting to put them on some decent rims
:cool:Wheels are lookin very good bob.:cool::bigguns:
so is that 18x9 all around Bob?

looking good, makes me wish Sears would hurry up with my tires i ordered yesterday, so i can get mine on next weekend!!

Looking good! I knew you would be pleased with the chrome.
Chrome looks great on True Blue.

Nice Bob!
I am not one for Blue cars, but this is :
Very cool indeed!
Looking good!
Nice pics, Bob. Great angles, too. Very clean ride.
17x9 up front wearing 275's and 17x10.5 at the rear wearing 315'5
all from American Muscle. Pity the Nitto drags were out of stock

PS.Shipping was not expensive..........IT was divorce worthy ! ! ! !
really like the Chrome wheels - great pictures.
Lookin' Good Bob! I have always loved the chrome wheels on the blue Bullitt, anthracite on green and black on black. Great choice!
Rims look sweet Bob!!! I agree with Markus, chrome on the TB's looks great!
Great choice... Looks good.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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