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OK for yall that dont know, here is game. I have been asked alot how I got my car in the 12's. Well, for the holiday fun, this info will come with a price. If you can figure it out email me or PM me and I will tell ya if your right..... So. The challenge is issued. Who is up to the task?

1. 4.10's 2.Aluminio Antriebswelle 3.Von Straße X-òðóáà 4.2 ïàëàòû òå÷åò 5.Cronometraje Einsteller â 15 6. Ìýã. Schwungrad 7.Etapa 3 ãîíêè(ðàñû) ïåðåíåñëà ãëàâû 8.ssm, âåðõíèé è áîëåå íèçêèé ca's 9.275 nitto òÿíåò radials 10.Entfernt ôðîíò Schwanken-Stab 11.eibach 2 ' ñíèæåíèå(êàïëÿ)

Let the games begin
{ Drive it like you stole it!!! }

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In April 1979, people in the city of ?????????? started

collapsing and dying from a mysterious illness.

What's now believed to have happened is that technicians at the

plant neglected to replace a filter, allowing some anthrax

spores to escape.

The long period between the first death and the last -- six

weeks -- baffled some people at the time who suspected

inhalation anthrax was the cause. But some have concluded that

the original hosing-down meant to clear the city of germs in

fact appears to have set off a second wave of exposures.

Where is ?????????

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Do you think I want to play trivia games after getting off work on Friday night?

I'm very tempted to post the answers right here.

1. 4.10 gears
2. aluminum driveshaft
4. ???????
5. Steeda timing adjuster set to 15 degrees
6. underdrive pulleys
7. Stage III ?????
8. lower control arms
9. 275/40 nitto drag radials
10. removed front swaybar
11. eibach springs

That's the best I can get for now. I'm too tired to think


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okok here it is................

2.alu ds
3.o/r x-pipe
4.2 ch flows w/turndowns
5.timing adjuster @15deg
6.mag. flywheel
7.stage 3 heads
8.south side machine upper and lower ca's
9.nitto drag radials
10.removed front swaybar
11.eibach 2' drop

soon to come.....ex-hone intake, stage 2 cams ( allready have just too lazy to install ), densecharger ( will be here monday ), 42lb injectors, reprogramed maf, dyno burned chip. then will have dyno numbers for yall........

Happy hunting and Merry Christmas

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