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Welcome! The numbers on the shock tower stickers rub off easily. It looks like it could be the number 8 or a 6. Could you possibly check under the driver's side passenger seat and under the carpet there for the 2nd hidden sticker Ford put there for verification? Here are instructions: BULLITT Archive Template

Also, could you post up the VIN number of your B and I can check the data base that another moderator has and see if it is listed there according to the VIN number and corresponding sticker number.

Member Wonbullitt00647 is who has the 01 data base and I contacted him about your sticker and he asked that you send to him the last 4 digits of your VIN and he can check to see if he has your Bullitt in the data base that way and it will mention the Bullitt specific # on the sticker. Please send it to [email protected] or post it up here. :)
Thanks so much
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