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4543 stands up...

Hi, Been reading the boards awhile and thought I could reciprocate the
effort here... Bought here in the Wichita Falls, TX area for around 25k in
mid September. Liked the looks and factory mods. Previously owned a 90? LX
hatchback 5oh. Only a few fit and finish problems so far. The worst of which
was a whistling windshield, top left. Wouldn't have minded, but it just knew
the one note, and the faster I went the louder it sang... Took it by a
repair shop to get their opinion and was told to slow down, hehe. Finally
took it into the dealer. Thought they might have to pull windshield to fix
it , but not my guys . They decided after 2 days to squirt a little
silicon caulk up there. Of course to accomplish this bit of repair
brilliance they had to remove (pry) the molding... Well they wheel it out
the next morning and guess who forgot to reseat the trim? Well I see this
and say " What the @#%$%" The head repair elf goes "Oh!" wheels it out of
sight ( thump thump thump) and returns with it corrected. (Still a minor
gap) By now of course I'm getting torqued and get behind the wheel to test
drive. My eyes fix on the odometer for a minute trying to figure out how
20!!! miles were required to check for the whistle. ( Apparently all the fur
in those elvin ears collect a lot of wax) So I start the test drive and turn
to the guy and ask him about this... "Well that would be about right because
our test drive circuit is about that 5 miles long" So I tell him my
suspicions about service departments and perhaps their propensity to
"thrash" customer rides. He chuckles (wrong response) and says " we have
only had to wind out a Lighting test the supercharger". I should have just
unclipped his seat belt right then and hit a pole. But no, being the adult
in this situation, I accepted the "repair" ended the test drive and took the
car. Well our buddy must have been feeling bad because he slips me his card
and authorizes me a free detailing on the back of it. Hell, I just bought it the
dirt hasn't even sank into the carpet yet. I do however have a 5 year old
Windstar that we have just driven across country. Gonna see if I can slip it
in instead. But uh, it is nice to have the board here and as all ways folks,
don't forget to thank your sysops for that!

Thanks Bullitt!

Paul DHG4543

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On 2001-11-13 21:29, Scott D wrote:

Bob, I see your Bullitt really attracts the babes...:wink:

Scott D.


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where is lara croft???
what a way to get around the hov lane requirements,,,
do u use a inflatable can or do you keep a handy dandy plug in air pump in the bullitt?
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God Bless America......

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