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Well....I spent a bit of cash the last few days...and I am not quite done...but here is what I got so far.

FRP 3.73:1 gears
Tri-ax shifter
Custom Diablo chip
FRP aluminum driveshaft
Steeda underdrive pullies.
Bought a Dallas Mustang speed cal...but went with the chip instead...anybody want to buy it.....80 bucks and S/H and it's yours, never installed.
Also got the Steeda TA but again...Diablo took care of me....Sell that too for $140 plus S/H.
Previous mods were CDC remote fueldoor,
CDC quad foglights, H&R 30mm spacers,
ATS sequential taillights, All MGW goodies including the BULLITT shifter #805, didn't get the door buttons..still waiting on my licese plate...are they in yet?
35th aniv edd guage bezel. K&N to come is X-pipe with catbacks...anyone suggest which one is best?
Borla, Bassani, Flomaster, Mac?...what? When cash level rises again..thinking 18" rims....but that's a bit later...then some form of power adder....suggestions?

I am dynoing her tomorrow....2 without chip and one with...still haven't put underdrive pullies on that this weekend.


Take care

Dona, very sorry to hear about you accident...hope you are alright and that you are back behind the wheel both you heal fast and get your butt on the road....God Bless


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I'm thinking of ditching my chip. I may take your speedcal and Steeda TA...shoot me an email so we can discuss.

Tri-Ax,DensChrgr100mm,MAC 2cat"H"&FlowPath muffs,FR 3.73&Alum.Drvshft,30mm H&R spacers,AutoLogic chip,MGW & Haney alum,FR500 wheel,SCHROTH red Harnesses

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On 2002-02-28 18:31, Dennis wrote:
I'm thinking of ditching my chip. I'll take your speedcal and Steeda TA...shoot me an email!


Hi Dennis,

If you don't mind me asking, why are you ditching the chip?


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Well I'm considering it.
My chip never did correct for my gears correctly..Speedo is still 10% off the other way (which is nice because it's removing the miles I artificially added when I had the gears before getting the chip).
If I send the chip to the dealer they'll fix it for free, but I'm considering moving to a setup where I have more day-to-day control of things (speedcal and TA).
I'm worried about the Speedcal after doing some research. Some say it messes up cruise control. My lighter doesn't seem to work and I think it uses that powersource. I have no idea how to install the TA and I'm worried about it voiding engine warranties. My car works fine now and I hate to switch to new systems that will cause me headaches.
I'm having second thoughts about this. We'll see.
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