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New OldTimer introducing self and 2001 Bullit

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BlackSport a.k.a. Grant is pleased to join IMBOC. After being away from Mustangs for a while when I sold my 87 White GT 5.0 in 98. I am now back with a low mileage 2001 Black Bullitt. I've only had it for a couple of weeks but the feel of Mustang handling is comming back to me. Last week I made a 300 km round trip from Vancouver BC to the Whistler ski resort to test the machine against the mountain twisties. It feels good, settles nicely into the curves and has amazing acceleration when asked for. I couldn't be more pleased with the new toy.

My next objective is the 1000 km run from Vancouver to Calgary over the Rockies. I am debating whether to risk it now just before the snow flies or wait until spring after the mountain passes are ice free again.

The GT stands for Grand Touring - what Mustangs were made for.


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This is my first post. My Welcome thread is here. Please post all my welcome messages there.

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hey Grant.good you made it here...Hopefully we can meet up again in the next few days
Hi Grant. Welcome to IMBOC from Texas :bigguns:
Be careful out there!!
:cool: Hello grant and welcome to imboc from Minn.:cool:
WElcome from one old motor head to another.

Enjoy the Bullitt - are you going to get snow tires and chains for it ?
Welcome from the great state of Ohio Grant, from one old fogy to another :lol:
Welcome to IMBOC!!

And your absolutely correct!!! Cars were meant to be driven not looked at sitting nice and cozy inside the garage. lol
Hey fellas, thanks for all the greetings.

Reference the snow tires and chains comment, Bullitt came with all seasons so until I get new rubber, I can run it in most lower mainland BC weather.

I just viewed Chris's Vancouver tour and burnout video. Awesome. I have to really give him credit for both the stills and the video. Haven't seen a tour like that since my biker days.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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