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New Pics of 1/18th scale Mustang Bullitt

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These are available on the National Die Casters web site.


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Hey, where the hell are the red calipers? Joking of course. I think it looks great!! Ordered mine last week and can't wait. Thanks for all your help with National diecasters. I bought a 68 bullitt also, and The Fast and Furious 70 Charger. Love the Charger, but I had to paint the front grill black. It came with a chrome grill. I don't know why. Its wrong. Anyway I'm quite happy with N.Diecasters
Thank you oh great master of the web. We bow our heads to you and give thanks to your wonderful problem solving abilities. I should have called upon you instead of the morons at the dealership for my DHG touchup paint. 4 weeks!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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