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New Pics of 1/18th scale Mustang Bullitt

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These are available on the National Die Casters web site.


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If you compare the two photos at the beginning of this post, the one on top looks like a black and white photo. In the second one, you can clearly see the gray interior is gray, the amber turn signal is amber, and it appears to have a red brake caliper. :smile: That is, if we want to be picky. I ordered them last week and will enjoy them either way.

Thank you oh great master of the web. We bow our heads to you and give thanks to your wonderful problem solving abilities. I should have called upon you instead of the morons at the dealership for my DHG touchup paint. 4 weeks!
Too funny! :smile:

Hey, there are a few of us on here with Bullitts and Impala SS', and Rancorkeeper has a tricked Caprice.

I hope the Bullitt keeps the same resale as the Impala has! :smile:

I love the Impala but trying to keep the rattles out of the bodywork has almost become a lifestyle choice. My three explorers (1 current, 2 past) and the Bullitt are MUCH tighter construction in the body, suspension and especially the steering.

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Oh yeah, with you on that one. Plus, I have had the enjoyment of watching the clearcoat come off of the plastic parts on the SS (front and rear bumpers, and the tail). Out of warranty of course. :sad:

So, its my daily driver, and the Bullitt is my toy. :wink:
The paint has held up pretty well on my ISS for 90K+ miles, fortunately. The Impala is my Wifes daily driver. The Bullitt is all mine.
that is a pic of the "prototype".... NOT the final production vehicle and YES...Tom has confirmed with Auto Art that the calipers in the final production vehicle are indeed RED!!!
you know what's REALLY scary?
we're kinda joking already about "modding" the die-cast when it comes out.
but if you visit all the areas of Tom's site ( he has an entire section on his site of custom or "modded" die cast's actually pretty cool!

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